On Netbooks & Laptops

March 16, 2009 - zenoconsultingzenoconsulting

The netbook phenomenon is here. I get it. Why pay thousands for a machine when all you want to do is surf and do MS Office. This story is a fascinating look into the changing landscape of technology. If Ubuntu is kicking up dust at the local gas pump, you know the Linux desktop is really starting to take hold.

This is not a new phenomenon for developers. We already know that the Linux desktop is the perfect environment for developing software.

But with this new netbook firestorm, I feel kinda left out. I've become a niche user. The market doesn't support my habits. I was thrilled with the Lenovo x300 and x301 when they were released. Those products were an engineering accomplishment. I didn't buy either. I waited. I heard rumors of the x400, x500, etc. Bigger screen real estate, GPS, WiMax, GSM, bigger solid state drive, more RAM, better CPU, all in the same slim package. Supposedly we were supposed to see it in the fall of 2008.

My guess is that now everyone is scrambling to shove these tiny, low-power, low-everything netbooks out the door. Where's my dream machine? I'm still waiting.


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