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October 28, 2010 - zenoconsultingzenoconsulting

Update, August 2011 — So, I had a need for a really fantastic desktop ebook manager app. I looked at Calibre and some others, and they lacked features I wanted, so I decided to just build my own, and I did get it about 80% of the way there with some part-time nights and w/e work, but it got shelved for other work.

Recently, I launched this company http://daisyworks.com instead, so that is keeping me busy, and I probably won't have much time to do anything here…just posting an update.

I'll likely open-source the ebook software — maybe someone else will find it useful and help finish it. A couple things about it:

  • Cross-platform (mac, linux, windows)
  • Drag and drop files from your computer into it, and it searches the content, digs out any possible ISBN numbers — resolves them smartly (i.e. avoiding dupes, etc.), and auto-magically pulls all the metadata from the web (e.g. Amazon) — this I wanted b/c I hate filling out stupid forms in GUI applications to manage metadata about my data.
  • Stores all metadata about files in a local SQLite DB
  • provides browseable, sortable, searchable capability on all your books
  • re-name files from the metadata (e.g. {year}_{author}_{title}

Anyway, I'll throw it out there on github sometime in the near future.

Ok, I don't blog anymore, b/c I'm too busy for it.

  • Family (i.e. 2 year old)
  • Building a startup micro-ISV on my nights / weekends
  • Learning Haskell with other like-minded individuals
  • Then there's my day job as a consultant.

Got no time left to write up nice tech blog entries…

Hope to launch http://biblioflip.com soon…end of year. Keep an eye out.


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